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An entry to the famous Ludum Dare game jam.

This is a very creative dungeon crawling game, with a very important twist: You play as a cueball, and fight through pool/billiards rules or RPG-style attacking! This game features a complete loot and inventory system, and a infinite game session with over 20 items to be found and 15 levels to explore!

I acted as a developer together with an artist, and a musician. Also designed the itch.io page for the game.

JouleThief: Charge Your Phone

An entry to the famous Ludum Dare game jam.

This game is about some guy whose phone's battery is low, and he must break into houses and venues to steal electricity from the outlets. But the police is after him for being a Joule Thief!

I acted as a developer, game designer and project manager, with the team also having one graphical and one sound artists, who also helped with game design.


Community-created alternate server for Atmosphir, a game whose official services was shutdown. Lots of reverse-engineering work went into it, resulting in a (honestly very messy) PHP codebase. In my defense, I was 15!

We also implemented a surrounding ecosystem for users:

  • Game launcher that automatically updates the game, in C# and GTK#
  • Landing page to inform new users, which eventually was bestowed the official domain name by the game's erstwhile developers.
  • Currently in progress, an online level search application that allows the users to search for content without booting the game, made in React.

I acted as a developer and project manager for the server project, as well as helping conceptualize and develop other tools related to the game. The team size varied over time, but was at its most composed of 4 people.

Super Sellout

An entry to the famous Ludum Dare game jam.

Monetization Man is a modern superhero with modern minor internet celebrity issues: he needs money! Take on absurd sponsorships and try to save as many people as you can!

I acted as a developer together with another developer, an artist, musician and a level designer.

Farm Fortress

An entry to the famous Ludum Dare game jam.

A resource production chain game where you manage a food production chain, from planting wheat to selling bread!

I acted as sole author, performing all of the game design, programming, 2D and 3D art.

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